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Features Timeline: keep up to date with the latest releases
Features Timeline: keep up to date with the latest releases

Find out more about the features we released to make your life easier and your newsletters even better!

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Publicate thrives to improve your user experience at all times: we regularly release updates and new features based on your feedback and we love hearing your ideas so feel free to suggest some more features by dropping us a message in the chat or at

To check the latest feature releases have a look at our Timeline below and if you want to check out what the Tech Team is working on next, have a look at our Road Map πŸš€ .

Latest and major releases

June 2022: Adding or importing tables to your newsletters is available

Easily add a table or copy-paste one you created somewhere else from a text block and the text editor menu shown below or watch our dedicated tutorial here.

October 2021: Downloading your newsletter analytics to CSV format is available

This feature is available on both single newsletter analytics and on your Analytics Dashboard for overall newsletter performance as shown below:

September 2021: New Help&Resources Tab

You can now access our Video tutorials, Help Centre, Blog and Feature request portal directly from the Editor top right corner:

April 2021: Copy Content and Copy Style Features are available

You can now save so much time on editing your newsletter by:

  • Copying Content Blocks:


  • and keeping the same Content Style when adding new content:


​See the full Help article here.

Feb 2021: Internal Navigation is available

You can now direct readers to specific parts of your newsletters, saving them having to scroll:

See the full Help article here.

Jan 2021: Call to actions for multi-column rows

You can now add a row of Call to Action buttons that can be styled and aligned as needed:

See the full Help article here.

Dec 2020: Multi-add content to your Newsletters

You can now add multiple pieces of content to your newsletters at once. See the full Help article here.

Dec 2020: Folders update to better manage your Content list

In addition to being able to organise your content better through your own folders we have now made it easier to:

  • see all your content at once via the ' All ' folder

  • check the content that hasn't been moved to folders yet via the ' Unfiled ' folder

  • move multiple items at once to a folder by ticking the box in the top left corner of each item.

Check out the full Help article here.

Nov 2020: Download your newsletter to PDF

Just click the 'Publish' button and select 'Download PDF'.

See the full Help Centre article here for more details on the pagination options.

Sept 2020: Unique Open Rates available when sending via our Outlook Add-in

  • We eliminated false open data sometimes collected by email providers when caching images

  • You can now see Unique engagement when sending your newsletter with our Outlook Add-in as per example below with the 'Open' being the number of time a publication was viewed/opened and the 'Unique 'being number of recipients who opened the Newsletter:

July 2020: Organise your Publications into different folders

You can now easily organise your Publications into folders:

June 2020: Save your preferred Brand style, fonts and colours in the Brand Kit

Save yourself a lot of time by setting up your default Brand Content Styles in your Brand Kit, set your Brand colours, Brand font and remove the Publicate logo if you'd like (features available on the Team and Business Plans)

October 2019: Import any Newsletter directly from your Gmail draft

You can now find and send any one of your Publicate newsletters directly from within Gmail with our Chrome extension

May 2019: Advanced Analytics to see overall and detailed performance of your Newsletters at a glance

In addition to providing performance and trends of all your publications at a glance, this update lets you:

  • see which Publications performed better

  • where your audience is and the devices they use (Team and Business Plans only)

  • understand your performance by period with the new date filter

Plus you get detailed analytics on each Publication so you can:

  • see how each Publication performs against your average

  • understand engagement over time with real time date

  • see detailed reader engagement with click maps and heat maps (Team and Business Plans only)

  • learn how and where your readers are sharing your publications and content

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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