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Manage your Brand styles and automate the look of your Newsletters with the Brand Kit
Manage your Brand styles and automate the look of your Newsletters with the Brand Kit

Everything you need to know to manage your Brand styles, Content styles, colours, fonts and switching off the Publicate logo

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Available on the Team and Business Plans, the Brand kit is a real time saver that allows you to save the Brand and custom styles you want to see or apply on your future Newsletters.

To access it, just open the ' Brand Kit ' tab at the top of the Editor:


Each of the Brand Kit sections allows you to style different parts of your Newsletter as described below:

  • Section 1: allows you to set up your Brand and Newsletter colours so they are readily available or automatically applied when editing your Newsletter. It also allows you to add your Brand fonts so they'll be available in the Text Editor.

  • Section 2: allows you to set up your Brand Content Style, meaning the default style of content imported from a Web Link and lets you set up the default style of your Text Blocks (fonts, size and colour).

  • Section 3: allows you to manage your preferred default styles when it comes to Titles, Call to Action buttons, Dividers, Social Share and Social follow icons.

  • Section 4: allows you to switch off the Publicate Logo

Section 1: Setting up your Brand colours, background colours and fonts

Adding your Brand colours

Click on the last coloured dot of the palette with the '+ ' sign on it, then either type your Brand Hex colour code or click the colour spectrum circle on the right to pick the colour you prefer and click ' ok ' .

The colours you added will now be available under "Brand Colours" every time you go to select a colour in the product:

Setting up your default Newsletter background and central column colours

To set up your default Newsletter Background colour click on the coloured circle to the left of ' Background colour' and pick the colour your prefer, then click on ' Ok '

To set up the Centre Column Colour repeat this process, just clicking on the coloured circle next to Centre Column:

As per example above all my newsletter will now by default have a Turquoise background and a white background for the Central column

Adding Brand Fonts

This feature is available on Business plan only. To add your custom font just click on '+ Upload New Fonts ' in the Brand fonts section and select the font to upload. Once it shows underneath, click ' Save ' in the top right corner

Now every time you add text to your Publication, you will be able to choose your Custom Font from the drop down list.

Section 2: Setting up your Brand Content Style

Setting up your Brand Content Style is a game changer πŸš€ cutting your editing time drastically:

  • On the left side you can set up the default style of content imported from a Web Link

  • On the right side you can set up the default style of your Text blocks: font size and colour

Here is how my Web Links and Text blocks are now automatically styled according to the Brand Kit you see above:

Now when I add content from my library the titles they automatically adopt the default style as saved in my brand kit. Where the titles are automatically red and the descriptions blue, while my Call to Action button is automatically set to blue and with the text 'Read more '.

Additionally when I click to add a text block it shows up as the font set up in my Brand Kit: Tahoma, size 12, in black.

Section 3: Managing your Saved Brand Styles


This section allows you to manage your preferred default Brand Styles for recurring elements of your Newsletter such as:

  • Titles

  • Call to Action buttons

  • Dividers

  • Social Share

  • Social follow icons

Each style will appear in their related list once you have saved that style on a Newsletter : this allows you to save relevant styles as you create them. You are also able to save as many styles per element as you like.

Saving a Brand style

Whenever you edit a Newsletter element that can be saved as a Brand style, you will see at the bottom of the editing column the option to ' Save brand style '. Once you tick that box, this style is saved to your Brand Kit:

Using your Brand Styles

All the Brand styles saved are available whenever you are editing a newsletter and show at the top of the editing window:

Managing your Brand Styles

To remove styles that are no longer needed, just go to the Brand Kit and click the bin icon that style:

Section 4: Switching off the Publicate logo

If you would rather not show the Publicate logo at the end of your Newsletter, simply toggle of the ' Create in Publicate' Logo button and click on the blue button ' Save' in the top right corner.

Once this is done the Publicate Logo will no longer show on future publications.

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