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Engage your audience with Call to Actions buttons
Engage your audience with Call to Actions buttons

Everything you need to know to set up fruitful Call to Actions

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Highly visible and designed to catch your readers attention, Call to Actions aka CTA are the perfect tool to interact with your audience and drive traffic and conversions to products, webpages and articles etc.

Linked to the Website of your choice, they make it extra easy for readers to arrive exactly where you want them to🎯

Choosing the relevant CTA type

Option 1: Add a Call To Action To Your Content

Based on the content you add, Publicate detects relevant opportunities for a CTA and flags it by showing a ' Add a call to Action' placeholder underneath your content:

NOTE: Placeholders are just suggestions made visible in the Editor so if you choose not to use them, they won't appear or take space on the newsletter your readers will see. You can test this by viewing the newsletter in preview.

Option 2: Add a Call To Action As a Row

Just click on add a new row and chose the CTA button option:

Option 3: Add Call to Actions In Rows

Just select the add content button in an empty space and select the button option.

Setting up your CTA Destination

Redirecting to an external Webpage

To redirect readers to an external webpage, click on your CTA button to open the Editing window, then copy-paste the webpage URL in the 'Hyperlink' field and click 'Apply ' at the bottom:

Redirecting to a specific point in your Newsletter with Internal navigation

Using CTA's for Internal navigation is a great way to guide readers to a specific part of the newsletter without them having to scroll down.
To set it up:

  • First set up the Anchor where you want readers to be directed to by clicking on the anchor icon on the left of that row.

  • Name the anchor without using spaces then click ' Save '. If you want to use two words you can use caps, for example 'TravelGuides'.

  • You know your anchor is set correctly when the anchor icon turns blue:

  • Then click on your CTA button and in the Editing window click the Anchor icon in the 'Hyperlink' field to select the relevant Anchor you set up previously. Hit 'Apply' at the bottom of the Editing menu and you're done πŸŽ‰

Styling Your CTAs

Styling your CTA prompt and button is super easy: just click on it and the Editing window opens to the left letting you format everything. Once you're done just click 'Apply ' at the bottom:

Set Master Styles For Call To Actions Using The Brand Kit

Available on the Team and Business Plan, the Brand Kit allows you to save the styles of most recurrent elements of your newsletters including CTA buttons. Here is how to:

Save the CTA style applied to Web content

First go to the 'Brand kit' tab at the top of the Editor and in the 'Brand Content style' section, design your CTA, then click ' Save' in the top right corner. Next time you add a Web Link to a newsletter your preferred CTA will automatically be applied:

Save CTA Element Styles

To save the CTA style you have just created as a Saved Style, simply tick the 'Save brand style ' box at the bottom of the Editing column:

Then you can just pick and apply the style you prefer from the top of the CTA Editing window for future CTAs.

Manage your Saved CTA styles

In your brand kit you can;

  • Set your default CTA style - just click on the one you want to set and you will see a tick appear.

  • Delete styles you no longer want as part of your saved list - just click on the trash can icon.

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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