Adding Content to Your Publications

How to add all content types to your Publications

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Publicate is all about creating email newsletters and web roundups from curated content, we call these Publications.
You can add any type of content to a Publication;

  • Web Link or URL - Anything you find online that has a URL or Weblink can be added to a Publication, so Youtube, Blogs, Medium, Twitter, Slideshare etc etc, even Drive and Dropbox links. Anything with a URL can be added to a Publication

  • Files - Like Web links, absolutely any file type can be added to a Publication, so PDF, Excel, .CSV, .Mov, .Key, .PPT, .Doc etc etc. Any file type.

  • Images - You can upload and add any image type to Publications, .JPG, . JPEG, .PNG, .SVG etc etc (We do not yet support GIF, but it is currently being worked on)

  • Text - Any amount or style of text can be added to your Publications, enabling you to share insight, tell stories and give your opinion

Adding Content To A Publication

To add content to a Publication you can either add content from your Content Library (see here for more info on adding content to your library) or directly in the Publication editor.

Using Content From Your Content Library

This is as simple as Drag & Drop.
Just find the content that you want to use in your Library, and drag it over to the empty content layout that you want to add the content to.
All content types, excluding text can be found in your library and added in this way.

Adding Content Directly Within A Publication

Once you have added a Row Layout to the Publication you will see that each empty content space is split into four options;

  • URL

  • File

  • Image

  • Text

You can add the content directly to the empty space by selecting the content type you require;

Note: Adding content directly within the Publication editor will also automatically add it to your content library for you to use again in the future.

Removing Content Added to a Publication

To remove content just mouse over the content that you want to remove and click on the trash can icon

Editing Content & Images In a Publication

For information on editing content visit this Help Article.

Key Features

You can create Publications from any content. Content you find online, or content you have created, uploaded or text. So you have full customisation control.

  • Add any type of content to your Publications, Text, Images, Files and URL's

  • Add content from your library with Drag & Drop

  • Add content directly from within the Publication on any empty content layout block

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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