Adding and Arranging Row Layouts in Publications

Everything you need to know about Row Layouts and Options to get your Publication looking great

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There are 8 different Row Layout Options in the Publication editor, giving you full flexibility of where to place content and information in your Publication so it looks right.

Adding a New Row Layout

To add a new Row Layout to an email or web Publication, just click on 'Add New Row +'.
This will show you 8 Row Layout options to choose from, and when you select one, it will add empty spaces in that format for you to add content too.
For instance;

Moving or Reordering a Row Layout

Once you have added a Row Layout to a Publication you can Drag & Drop the row to change its order in relation to the other rows.
Just mouse over the content row you would like to move, and click and drag on the arrows

Deleting or Removing a Row Layout

To delete a Row Layout just mouse over the row you would like to remove and click on the Trash Can Icon

Arranging Content in Your Row Layouts

You can add 4 types of content to these blank spaces, (for more on adding content to Publications see here);

  • Web Links or URLs

  • Files

  • Images

  • Text

Which means you can create endless content arrangements to get the right layout and look;

Drag & Drop Content To Arrange It

Once content has been added to a layout row, you can Drag & Drop it to move it within the row or into new rows;

Key Features

It's important to get your Publications looking right, and your content positioned where you need. Row Layouts help you to create your Publications how you want.

  • Add any number and variety of Row Layouts to add content to

  • The possibilities are endless with the ability to add a varied content to any of the layouts and positions

  • Easily Drag & Drop content within rows and between rows to get your layout right

Got questions?

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