Publicate has connected with several open source image and GIF libraries so you can search for the right images and GIFs right from within your workspace. 

When you find the right one you can just drag to add to your Publications or save them straight to your content library to use later.

Finding Images and GIFs

To find images and GIFs just click on the Discover tab in the left navigation menu;

You can then choose to search for Images or GIFs by choosing the Image or GIF tab and typing the search word for the image or GIF you want to find into the search box;


Adding an Image or GIF to Your Publications

Once you have found an image or GIF you would like to add to a Publication, just drag it over to an empty content block in the Publication editor;

Or drag it to the feature image of a piece of content to replace the current image with the new one;


Adding an Image or GIF to Your Content Library

Once you have found an Image or GIF you would like to save to your content library, just click on the Add to Library button.
The tick confirms that it has been added to your library.


Key Features

Discover Images and GIFs to add to your Content Library or Publications right from within your workspace.

  • Search through 1000's of free images and GIFs

  • Add them to your Content Library or add them directly to Publications as and when you need

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated, or would like to learn more about using Publicate, please send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right (Only available if you are logged in).

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