There are 8 different Row Layout options in the Publication editor for you to select a variety of formats that content can be added to. You can read more about the Row Layout options Here.

Once you have added a Row Layout to a Publication, you can then add content to it. You then have a choice of how that content is formatted within the Row Layout.

In this help article, we will show you the Content Layout options and how to remove the feature image for text-only content.

Removing the feature image for text-only content

To remove the feature image of the content, simply click on the "Content Layout" options on the content you wish to edit;

You will then see some different content layout options. To remove the feature image and have text-only content, select this option;

Which will give you this visual result;


Adding a feature image to text-only content

If you have added some content and we were unable to find a feature image then it will appear in your Publication as text-only content. To add a feature image to the content simply click on the "Content Layout" options, and select a content layout option with a feature image;


Changing the Feature Image position of content

If you have added content to a single column row layout, you can then select from 3 different feature image positions. Centre, Left and Right align;

Which gives you the following 3 possible layouts;


Key Features

It's important to get your Publications looking right, and your content positioned exactly how you need. The Content Layout Options give you the flexibility you need to create your Publications how you want.

  • Add content to a Publication with a feature image or choose to not have a feature image, just text

  • Choose from 3 different Content Layout options for the feature image position in single column

  • More flexibility for how your content looks in your newsletters and web roundups

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