Outlook add-in not showing up?

Outlook windows add-in troubleshooting. What to do when the add-in doesn't appear in the new message window.

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If you've installed our Windows Outlook add-in (installation instruction here) but it's not showing up in the New Message window you should check the following:

  • Open the "File" menu:

  • Click "Options"

  • Select "Add-ins" in the left menu and then click "Go.." at the bottom:

  • Make sure there's a tick next to "Publicate Outlook Add-in" then click OK

  • Now close and re-open Outlook and you should see the Publicate icon in the top ribbon of the new message window:

  • If the Outlook Add-in is still not showing in the ribbon, you might need to change your Outlook settings as follows: open an email draft > click the 3 dots in the top right corner shown below and then right-click the 'Import Publication' option and select ' add to ribbon'.

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