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How to create & save a template
How to create & save a template

Everything you need to know about how to create and save a template. Easily keep style and consistency with saved templates.

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You can easily create and save a template from any Publication that you have created.
Saving a template will store any colours, styles and elements that you have added to the Publication, but NOT the content. 

This makes it easy for you to add new content but keep the same style next time you want to create a new Publication from that template.

Here's How

Once you have completed a Publication that you want to save as a template, just click on the Save Template / Copy / Convert button in the Publication editor;

When you click this, you will see 3 options;

  1. Save a Template

  2. Make a Copy

  3. Convert to either Web or Email (depending on which you have created)

When you click on save template you will then get the option to use the template, or view the template;

When you click on View Templates you will see your templates saved in the Create tab. Ready for you to use the next time you need them.

To use a template in the future, just click on the Use option on the saved template you would like to use;

This will open the template with the content spaces blank, ready for you to add new content too, but with all of the style of the template visible;

Key Features

When you have created a Publication that you would like to replicate the style of for future Publications, then you can save it as a template.

  • Save Titles, Styles, Colours, Buttons, Dividers, Social elements etc as part of a template

  • Save the template with one click

  • Reuse as many times as you like. Just add new content to the template for a completely different Publication

  • Create the style once and use every time

Got questions?

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