Adding A Hyperlink To Text In A Publication

How to add a hyperlink to text, and apply your chosen style to all hyperlinks in a Publication.

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Adding a Hyperlink to Text

To add a Hyperlink to Text in a Publication, just highlight the text that you want to add the Hyperlink to, and select the Insert Link Option, add the URL in the input box, and choose if you want to open it to open in a new tab or not;

***If the text editing options don't appear when you highlight text, try refreshing your browser and trying again***

Styling a Hyperlink

You can change the colour and choose to underline all of the Hyperlinks in a Publication, by editing the master style settings.
To edit the master style settings, just click on Settings in the Publication editor, and choose select the colour and choose to turn underline on or off;

This will update the style of all existing Hyperlinked text and apply the same style to any new hyperlinks you add.

Key Features

Adding Hyperlinks to text can encourage readers to click through to other web pages of relevant content, right from a body of text in your Publication.

  • Easily add hyperlinks to any text

  • Easily style to all Hyperlinks with colour and underline

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