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Helpful troubleshooting details to provide when you contact us
Helpful troubleshooting details to provide when you contact us

How to accelerate resolution by providing helpful details

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From time to time bugs crop up and we're always incredibly grateful for you helping us to figure them out and fix them. If you come across one, if you could please include the following in your message, it will mean we can fix things faster. You can share those details via the inapp chat or by emailing us to

The Essential:

  1. The nature of the bug, describe in as much details as possible what you're seeing / what's not working or which email provider was used to send the newsletter and which email provider is used by the recipient for example

  2. The Share link of the publication you are referring to. You can get it by opening your Publication and clicking the ' Share ' button at the top of the Editor:

3. Include visuals by sharing screenshots or ideally a video of what's happening by using this Free app: which will give you a link to share with us.

That is especially recommended if you noticed:

  • a discrepancy between what is shown in the Publicate Editor and what is shown in your email

  • a discrepancy between the Analytics General Dashboard and the Analytics on a single publication

  • a feature that is not behaving as expected in the Editor

Also really helpful:

  1. Any errors showing in the Javascript console can really help us figure out tricky bugs. In Chrome you can access this with Ctrl+Shift+J (on Windows) or Ctrl+Option+J (on Mac). For other browsers check here:
    If you can see anything in the console just highlight it and copy it, or take a screenshot.

  2. Any feedback or feature request that you can think of. We're always on the look out for improvement and making your newsletters even better πŸ˜‰

Thanks for your help, we will aim to fix whatever we can and reply to you A.S.A.P πŸ˜€

Got more questions?

If you have any other questions/ feedback or if we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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