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How to invite colleagues to your Team Workspace
How to invite colleagues to your Team Workspace

How to invite colleagues once your Team workspace is already set up and how to manage existing users.

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Note : If you haven't set your Team Workspace yet, please follow this article.

Once a Team Workspace is set up, only the Admin(s) of that workspace can invite new members. We created this short video tutorial that will show how to. Sound ON recommended 😊

Alternatively you can follow the steps below:

Inviting new colleagues

  1. Go to your Team Workspace and click on Settings at the top:

2. Add the email address of the colleague(s) you want to invite as per below.

You can invite as many colleagues as you want. They will receive an invitation via email which they need to accept so they can have access to the Team Workspace.

If you cannot access the Team Workspace Settings showing above, it means that you are not an Administrator of the team and only Admins can add more members to the Team workspace. If you are unsure who is your Team Workspace Admin please refer to the ' Checking who's the Team Administrator ' section below.

Managing team members

  1. If you want to make the new user(s) Admin so they can invite more colleagues to the Team, toggle ON the Admin User button.

  2. If you want to remove certain members, just click the bin icon showing on the right of their email address.

Checking who's the Team Administrator

  1. Check if you are an Admin of the Team Workspace by clicking on Account settings in the top right corner of the Editor.

In the new window opening, scroll all the way down to you Team Workspace.

If you see a Team there, then you are the Admin, otherwise you need to ask the person who set up your Publicate account who's the Admin and ask them to follow the steps below.

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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