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How to connect Cronycle to your Content Library to turn your Cronycle boards into Email Newsletters & Web Roundups

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It only takes a minute to connect Cronycle as a content source with Publicate. Once integrated any links added to your connected Cronycle boards will automatically be added to your Content Library in Publicate. Ready for you to add to your newsletters and web roundups.

How To Connect Cronycle

1. Log in to Publicate, and click on the Connect button in your Content Library

2. Click ‘Connect’ on the Cronycle option. 

3. Authorise Publicate to connect to your Cronycle account. 

Just log in using your usual log in method for Cronycle

4. Select the Cronycle boards you want to sync with your Content Library. 

(To keep your Content Library relevant, you may want to consider creating a specific board like “Newsletter”, that all of your newsletter content gets added to)

5. You will then see any Content added to that board(s) appear in your Content Library. 

Ready to be used in your email newsletters and web roundups.

6. The board(s) will also be listed in your folders.

Making it easy to find the right content when you need it.

Managing Your Connected Boards

To manage your boards just click on the gear icon in settings next to Cronycle. This will open the board page for you to choose to connect and disconnect any of your boards.

You can also choose to Sync all your boards, this will automatically connect all of your boards to Publicate.

Key Features

Cronycle makes discovering and discussing great content with your team easy. The Publicate Cronycle integration ensures that all of the content you need to create your email newsletters and web roundups, is automatically in your Content Library for when you need it.

  • Connect any or all of your Cronycle boards to Publicate

  • The integration automatically adds any URL that you add to a connected board

  • Any boards you connect will appear as a folder in your content library

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated, or would like to learn more about using Publicate, please send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right (Only available if you are logged in).

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