You can set the overall Publication Font and Font Colour in settings. Once you have made selected your preferences all of the text in that Publication will update, and any future content or text will automatically be set to your preference.
You can always edit any Font and Font Colour seperately within the Publication itself, allowing you to have multiple text styles within a single Publication.

Design - Background Colour & Centre Column Colour

You can fully customise the overall style of your Publications by editing the Background Colour...

And the Centre Column Colour...

Analytics - Turning Link Tracking Off/On

Publicate automatically adds link tracking to all links in a Publication to track the Publications analytics.
If however you are using a 3rd party platform to send your Publications from and use that product to track your analytics, you can turn link tracking OFF. The advantage of doing this is that you will be able to see more information in the 3rd party about which links have been clicked.

This example shows Link Tracking ON and OFF in Mailchimp Analytics;

However, turning Link Tracking OFF, means that no link analytics will be recorded in Publicate for that Publication.

Key Features

Set the master style for your Publication in settings

  • Change the colour of the centre column and background to style your Publications

  • Set the master font and font colour for your Publication

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