Social Share

Adding 'Social Share' to a Publication enables viewers to share the Publication with their network on all of the major social platforms.

To add Social Share just click 'Add new row' and then the 'Social Share' option.

Editing Social Share

When you are adding or editing Social Share you can choose which Social Networks viewers can choose to share the Publication on.

Social Follow

Adding 'Social Follow' to a Publication enables you to promote your Social Profiles to viewers from within the Publication, making it easy for them to see where else you are online.

To add Social Follow just click 'Add new row' and then the 'Social Follow' option.

Editing Social Follow

When you are adding or editing Social Follow you can add links to your profiles on all of the major social networks.
Just select the relevant Social Network Icon, and add your profiles URL.

You can add multiple profiles, just add a new row and repeat the process.

Key Features

Foster social engagement with your Publications by adding Social Share and Social Follow.

  • Add Social Share to enable viewers to share your Publication far and wide with their social networks, with just the click of a button.

  • Add Social Follow to any Publication to promote your other online social profiles so your viewers know where else to find and follow you.

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