Adding & Editing A Divider In Your Publications

How to add and edit Dividers to add style and create sections within your Publications

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Adding a Divider

To add a Divider to a Publication, just click on 'Add new row' and then the 'Divider' option, as above.

Using a Divider

Dividers are perfect for adding style and sections to break up information in your Publications.ย 

Editing a Divider

Once you have added a Divider to a Publication you can fully customise the appearance with the edit options.

You can edit;

  • Line Style

  • Line Colour

  • Line Weight

  • Line Width

  • Line Alignment (Left, Right, Centre)

  • Background Colour

  • Or - Upload your own image or graphic to use instead of a line

Uploading An Image or Graphic As a Divider

To upload an image or graphic just click on the Upload icon, and then once loaded you can edit the images alignment and add a hyperlink.

Uploading a divider image will automatically add it to the 'Branding' filter in the left menu for you to use again.

Saved Document Styles

Any Divider you create within a Publication will be saved in the Document Styles section in the editing options.
This means that you can apply previous Divider styles to a newly added Divider by simply clicking select on the style you want to apply.

Key Features

Dividers are great for adding style and for breaking up information and creating sections in your Publications.

  • Easily add and style a Divider in any Publication

  • Full editing options available to customise the look of your Dividers

  • Divider styles are saved in Document Styles to apply to any new Dividers, saving you time and effort

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