Adding a Button

To add a Call To Action button to a Publication, just click on 'Add new row' and the 'Button' option.

Using a Button

Call To Action buttons are perfect for encouraging viewers to take action from your Publication. You can add them anywhere within a Publication.

Editing a Button

Once you have added a button to a Publication you can fully customise the appearance of the button with the editing options.

You can edit;

  • Button Colour
  • Button Text
  • Add a Hyperlink to drive traffic to a webpage

Saved Document Styles

The style of any Call To Action Button that you create within a Publication will be saved in the Document Styles section in the editing options.
This means that you can apply previous styles by simply clicking select on the style you want to apply.

Key Features

Call To Action Buttons are perfect for driving traffic to a webpage, or encouraging action.

  • Easily add and style a prominent Call To Action button to any Publication
  • Hyperlink the button to drive traffic and action
  • Button styles are saved in Document Styles to apply to newly added buttons saving you time and effort

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