Embedding a Publication as a Blog or Webpage

Export the HTML code of any Web Publication to embed it as a blog post or web page

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Embedding Web Publications as blog posts or web pages is as simple as copy and paste, just like embedding a Youtube video.

NOTE: If you are wanting to embed a newsletter that you have created in Publicate on a web page, you'll first need to convert it to a Web Publication.
To convert to a Web Publication just click on the Create Template, Copy, Convert button in the editor.

Then Click on the Create A Web version button.

Blogs and CMS that work with Publicate

There are hundreds of CMS (Content Management System, Wordpress) and blogging platforms to create a blog and build a website with, Publicate works with most of them, but here are is a short list of ones that customers are already using;

  • Wordpress Self Hosted, Wordpress.com, Tumblr, Squarespace, Ghost, Blogger.com

Copy & Paste

Once you have created a Web Publication, just click on the 'Export' button and click the 'Copy Web HTML Code' 

Then open the Blogging platform or CMS that you would like to embed the Publication in and paste the code into the body of the post or webpage, ready for you to Publish (This example is Wordpress, but it works in most blogging platforms and CMS)

One Click Publish With The Wordpress Integration

We have a direct integration with Wordpress, so you can send the Publication to your drafts ready to publish with just one click. 

To connect an integration just click on 'Settings' and choose the integration you would like to connect.

We plan to integrate with many more services, so please do suggest which ones you would like to see next.

It's not working for me, trouble shooting

  • Check that you are using Web Publication HTML code and not an Email Publication HTML code, the codes are very different. Email is Orange, Web is Blue.

  • If you have rendering issues, make sure you are pasting the code into a code or text area, treat it exactly the same as you would trying to embed a Youtube Video

  • I'm still having rendering issues; try using the 'Copy iFrame Code' button and pasting that code (underneath the Copy HTML Code button) 

  • If the problem persists, please get in touch and we will trouble shoot and fix it for you

Key Features

Embedding a Publication as a blog post or Web page in your favourite CMS or blogging platform is as simple as copy and paste.

  • Copy and paste the Web HTML Code into the body of a blog post or web page

  • Any changes made to the Publication in Publicate will automatically update, so you don't have to re-copy and paste the code for each change (unless your website strips out the Javascript from the code)

  • Works with most blogging platforms and CMS

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated, or would like to learn more about using Publicate, please send us a note at hello@publicate.it, or use the chat window on the right (Only available if you are logged in).

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