Sending an Email Publication Through MailChimp

How to export a Publication to Mailchimp to send to your subscriber lists.

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This article will show you how to send emails you have created in Publicate, through Mailchimp to your subscriber lists.

Mailchimp is the leading platform for sending email newsletters. Many businesses use it to send newsletters to their customers to promote products or keep their readers engaged with curated content.

Exporting your HTML Email Publication to Mailchimp

Once you have created an Email Publication, there are two options for Exporting it to send through Mailchimp;

1. One click publish using the Mailchimp Integration

To Publish with one click you first need to connect Mailchimp to Publicate
You can connect Mailchimp to Publicate with the Mailchimp Integration. Just click on settings.

Click Connect on the Mailchimp integration button and authorise the connection between Publicate and Mailchimp.


Once you have connected Mailchimp, open the Publication you want to Export to Mailchimp, and click on 'Export' and then on the 'Export To Mailchimp' button

This will export the Publication to Mailchimp, and it will take you to the Recipients page of the Publish flow in Mailchimp (if logged into Mailchimp). To see your Publication just click on the 'Design' button in the footer

You will then see your Publication exported in Mailchimp and ready for you to send out

2. Export the email HTML Code and paste into the body of a Mailchimp Email

The second option is great for if you already have a template already set up in Mailchimp and want to add your Publication to it.

To do this open the email in Mailchimp that you would like to add the Publication to, and add the 'Code' element to the email

Then delete the existing code in the box

Go to Publicate and open the Email Publication you would like to add to Mailchimp, and click 'Export The HTML Code' button

Then just go back to Mailchimp and paste the code into the code box and you will see your Publication added to the Email ready for you to send out

Key Features

Now you can easily send your Email Publications through Mailchimp with the click of a button, or add your Email Publications to templates you have already created in Mailchimp.

  • Create beautiful email newsletters in Publicate and easily send them using Mailchimp

  • Send Email Publications with click of a button, or add them to existing templates on Mailchimp

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