This article will show you how to send emails you have created in Publicate, to your customers in Intercom.

Intercom is a fantastic tool for customer support and engagement. Many businesses use it to send customers emails about product announcements and to share information that will help to guide users through the on-boarding process and understanding how to use products.

Creating HTML Email in Intercom

1. You can create a HTML email in intercom in both the Auto Messages and the Manual Messages

2. Select the Email option in "Select your channel"

3. Select "Write your message"

4. Click on the "Import HTML email"

5. Copy the Email HTML code from Publicate

6. Paste it into the HTML box in intercom

Your email is now ready to be sent to your customers through Intercom.

Key Features

Now you can reach your audience with the right information, when they need it. By combining the curation power of brining together multiple resources in Publicate, with the communication power of Intercom.

  • Create valuable resources in Publicate, like support documents and product announcements
  • Send them to all of your customers, or target specific information with specific events in Intercom

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