Saving a web link or URL to your content library is super simple and you have a couple of options;

Copy and Paste

Just highlight the web link or URL that you want to add to your library, copy it, and then paste it into the "Add link..." box in your Publicate workspace.

The content will automatically add to your content library;

Drag and Drop

You can also drag a weblink or URL from a browser tab to your Publicate workspace to save it to your content library, or add it directly to your Publication.

Chrome Browser Extension

You can save content as you browse the web with one click, using the Publicate Chrome browser extension.

Find out more details on the Chrome Browser Extension in this help article.

Connect a Content Library Integration

Automatically save content to your library by connecting one of our direct integrations, like Slack, Feedly, Pocket or Cronycle.

Find out more about connecting an integration to your library in these help articles;

  • Connect Slack

  • Connect Feedly

  • Connect Pocket

  • Connect Cronycle

Key Features

You have a couple of options when saving web links and URL's to your Content Library on Publicate, ensuring you always have the content you need when it comes to creating your curated newsletters and web roundups.

  • Copy and paste any web link or URL, including Google Drive and Dropbox links

  • Drag URL's and web links from any browser tab to Publicate to add it to your library or directly to a Publication

  • Install the Chrome Browser Extension to save content as you browse the web with one click

  • Connect one of the content sources to automatically add content to your library from your favourite tools

Got questions?

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