There are a few different ways to view your Publication Analytics. 

 1. Go to your Publications and click on the Analytics icon shown on your Publication preview.

2. Open your Publication and click on the Analytics icon next to your Publication title.

3. On the Analytics Dashboard, scroll down to see a list of your popular Publications. Click on the one you would like to see the Analytics of.


Understanding Single Publication Analytics

Depending on how you send your newsletter you will have access to different Analytics either:

  • The General Analytics as per below:

'Opens' means the amount of times the Publication was opened.
'Clicks' refers to the amount of times the content in the Publication was clicked.
'Clicks Per Open' shows you the amount of clicks your Publication received per open.
'Publication Shares' is the amount of times your Publication was shared.
'Content Shares' is the amount of times content from your Publication was shared.

Looking at Unique data, you can easily compare Open (number of views) and Unique (numbers of recipients) as well as Clicks (Total number of clicks) and Unique clicks (total number of clicks done by all your single recipients) :

In addition to providing you with Unique data, our Outlook Add-in saves time by allowing you to import your newsletter to Outlook directly from the email draft . To see to install and use it just click here.

How Is Your Publication Performing Against The Average?

The Change from Average section shows you how your Publication is performing against the Average.

The graph gives you a visual idea of opens, clicks and shares over time.


Team Plan and Business Plan users,  get to see the click location and the heat map. 



Check where your newsletter and any content was shared on social media


Understand where your readers are from by looking at the location map and what devices they use.



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