Publication analytics are now super easy to view and give you detailed information.


How to access to your Analytics Dashboard

Navigate to your top menu bar and click on Analytics

Once you click on the Analytics tab, you will see this Analytics Dashboard. By default, it will show you the Total engagement figures of your Publications for that period and the Average performance of your individual Publications

You can use the drop down box to change the date range.
The graph gives you a visual idea of views, clicks and shares

What Do The Analytics Figures Mean?

'Opens' means the amount of times the Publication was opened.
'Clicks' refers to the amount of times the content in the Publication was clicked.
'Clicks Per Open' shows you the amount of clicks your Publication received per open.
'Publication Shares' is the amount of times your Publication was shared.
'Content Shares' is the amount of times content from your Publication was shared. 

Total - Shows you the total performance figures of your Publications for that period.
Average - Shows you the average performance figure of your individual Publications


Find Out Which Publications Are Performing The Best And Where They're shared!

You can click on your popular Publication to view its Individual Analytics.

Team Plan and Business Plan users will see where the readership is based and what devices are being used to view your Publications. 


To learn how to view Individual Publication Analytics, click on the button below.


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