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From time to time bugs crop up and we're always incredibly grateful for your help figuring them out and fixing them. If you come across a problem while using Publicate please could you report the following:


  1. What's the nature of the bug, describe in as much details as possible what you're seeing / what's not working.

  2. What were you going when the problem occured?

Also really helpful:

  1. Any errors showing in the Javascript console can really help us figure out tricky bugs. In Chrome you can access this with Ctrl+Shift+J (on Windows) or Ctrl+Option+J (on Mac). For other browsers check here: https://goo.gl/C7SxXy
    If you can see anything in the console just highlight it and copy it, or take a screenshot.

  2. Sometimes a screen recording is useful too, an easy way to make one if you're going to is to use this free tool: https://useloom.com

Thanks for your help!

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