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Team Workspace Management and Collaboration
How to create a Team Workspace and Invite Team members to collaborate
How to create a Team Workspace and Invite Team members to collaborate

This article will cover everything you need to know in order to create a team workspace and invite fellow team members to collaborate.

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The Team Workspace & Multiple Users In Publicate

With Publicate you can create a Team Workspace so that you can collaborate with colleagues. In a team workspace you can all add content to a shared library, and all create, edit and access the same Email Newsletters and Web Roundups.

Creating a Team Workspace

1. Click on the Select Workspace menu in the top left of your current workspace;

2. Click on + Team Workspace;

Then the workspace will automatically create and the workspace settings will open.

3. Edit the Title of your Workspace Settings;

4. Add Team Members to collaborate with you by entering an email address, or if you know their username, you can also add that.

Managing Team Members

If team members have not recieved the team invite email;

  1. Ask them to check thier junk or spam folder

  2. Resend the invite using the Email icon next to their name

  3. If they are still not receiving the email please get in touch so we can trouble shoot for you.

If you would like remove a team member from the workspace, please just click on the

How Many Team Members Can I Invite To My Team Workspace?

You can invite as many people to a Team Workspace as you like, there is no limitation.
We limit the number of Team Workspaces, not the number of people that you can add.

How Many Team Workspaces Can I Create?

Every account that signs up to Publicate has 1 Personal Workspace, this is your own space, which is totally private to you. It can't be shared with team members.
The number of Team Workspaces you can create depends on which payment tier you are on;
Indivudal Plan = 0 Team Workspaces
Team Plan = 1 Team Workspaces
Business Plan = 2 Team Workspaces

You can then add any number of additional team workspaces to your plan at a further $49 per workspace. So you can create as many Team Workspaces as you like, each one additional to the allocation in your plan will just be added to your monthly or annual bill.

If you require more than 4 team workspaces please get in touch for bulk discount.

Key Features

You can create Create Team Workspaces to collaborate with colleagues and teammates. All add content to the shared Library and create, edit and export Newsletters and Web Roundups together. 

  • Create a shared collaboritive space for your entire time to work from

  • No limit to the number of team members you can invite to the workspace

  • Add and remove team members as needed

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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