To add branding and style to your Publications you can upload header and footer images to the top and bottom of your Publications.

Adding an image is easy, you can either click to upload one, or drag an image from your Content Library. 

Once you add an image as a Header or Footer it will automatically add the image to your Content Library, in the Branding filter in the left menu;

Once you have added an image you have several editing options;
Left, Centre, Right Align
Hyperlink so that if someone clicks on the image you can send them to a webpage

  • Left, Centre, Right Select or upload the right cover images

  • Hyperlink the image so that when someone clicks the image you can send them to a web page

  • Adjust the image size as required

There are several free online tools that you can use to create great looking header and footer images.
We would recommend the following;

You can also find lots of free stock image libraries here

Key Features

Header and footer images add style and branding to your Publications. They are super easy to create with the free tools listed above.

  • Upload header and footer images to add branding and style to your Publications

  • Easily create beautiful header and footer images using free tools and stock image libraries

Got questions?

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