Any content that you add to a Publication can then be fully edited in the editor so that you can customise the look and feel of your Publication.

Editing URLs & Files

URLs and Files that are added to Publications have exactly the same editing options in Publicate

Editing Options

Once you have added a URL or File you have the following editing options, to edit a file or URL, just mouse over the content you want to edit;

1. Crop & Resize Current Image

You can crop and resize any image displayed or uploaded as a cover image. Just click on the pencil and it will open the Cropping & Resizing options.

Cropping The Current Image
To crop the image, make sure the 'Manually adjust the image size' is set to NO. Then move and adjust the crop area as needed;

Resizing The Current Image
To resize the image, make sure the 'Manually adjust the image size' is set to YES.
Then size the edit area as required. This is perfect for aligning images with text.

2. Upload Your Own Image

If we have not found the correct image at the URL, or you would like to use your own, simply click on the Upload Image button and select the image you wish to upload.
You can also drag an image from your content library to add a new cover image;

3. Select From Existing Images

We will scrape all of the images we can find on the web page. To select between them just use the carousel arrows to select between them;

4 & 5. Add & Edit The Title And Description Text

We will automatically populate any Title and Description that we can, but you are free to edit the text and add your own. All text is fully customisable with our WYSIWYG editor. 

6. Add Social Share

Adding Social Share to a piece of content will enable viewers to easily share that piece of content with their followers. You can choose to add the main social share buttons to any piece of content.

7. Edit the Call To Action

Quite often we want to drive people to take an action with a piece of content. That's why you are able to edit the call to action on each piece of content.
You can choose from any of the following CTA options;

  • Default Favicon and URL address
  • Text
  • Button
  • Or remove it all together

Editing Images

Any image that you upload can be Cropped and Resized for the right fit. To keep the default image size for the content layout, make sure that 'Manually adjust image size' is set to NO, otherwise you can have any sized image that you like, as shown here;

You can also Hyperlink the image to send viewers to a specific website when they click on the image

Editing Text

Just highlight the text that you want to format, and the WYSIWYG editor will appear with all of the editing options available

Key Features

You have full control over the look and feel of the content that you add to Publications with extensive editing options.

  • Select or upload the right cover images
  • Crop & resize images
  • Edit text with full WYSIWYG editing options
  • Add Social Share to content for people to share it with their social networks
  • Edit the Call To Action on content to drive results

Got questions?

If you have any other questions or we can help with anything else please just send us a note at, or use the chat window on the right.

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