Once you have the Publicate Chrome Browser Extension installed you can save content as you browse the web with just one click. It even enables you to organise content into folders and add tags on the fly.

How to install the Publicate Chrome Browser Extension

1. Log in to Publicate, and click on the Connect a Source button in the left menu

2. Click ‘Connect’ on the Chrome Browser Extension option

3. Add the Publicate Chrome Browser Extension to Chrome

4. When you find content online that you want to add to your Content Library, just click the Publicate browser extension.

5. You will then see the content you have bookmarked automatically added to your Content Library in Publicate with any tags or folders applied.

Key Features

The Publicate Chrome Browser Extension is the simplest way to add content to your library whilst you browse the web. Ensuring you have lots of great content ready for your curated newsletters and web roundups, when you need it.

  • Install the Publicate Chrome Browser Extension to save content to your Content Library with one click.
  • Organise content with tags and folders as you bookmark it.

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated, or would like to learn more about using Publicate, please send us a note at hello@publicate.it, or use the chat window on the right (Only available if you are logged in).

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